Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In the doghouse

Now that phrase, in the doghouse, has meaning. Ben actually has a place to sleep when I say that to him. haha! Just Kidding! Seriously...I have never said that to him.
The doghouse was Ben's, and the kids big project Monday and Tuesday. It was fun watching it come together. After Daddy and Drew painted the exterior white, the girls and I had fun dolling it all up. It actually has a few more additions than in this picture even. When Emma got up from a nap, she added a few more flowers and some clouds. It was fun, and now Penny has a home. :) She won't go in it...but she has a home. lol!
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  1. That is really cute! Hey, I need a dog house for Michael! Lol!! Michael made one for Lucy (remember Lucy?) and it was SO nice! She wouldn't step foot in it!! :)

  2. What a cute little house. I am sure with a little persuading she will go in. Maybe a bone or something? The kids did a great job decorating it.