Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beautiful Butterfly's

We do get some beautiful butterflies and moths around our house. We also get some HUGE ones. The other night I went outside to talk to our nightwatchman, and I seriously thought a bird was dive bombing me! It was a gargantuous (is that even a word??) moth! I shoulda taken a pic! Oh well. I did get a picture of this beautiful moth/butterfly (I can never really tell the difference, but I do think this is a moth.) Isn't it pretty? The kids love to go critter hunting, and moths and butterflies are their favorite thing to catch. Recently Kate has become pretty adept at catching crickets and grasshoppers. The neighbor kids have taught her how. So, when Rex hasn't eaten well in a couple of days, Kate and Drew will go around the house looking for grasshoppers and crickets. Kate will catch them and hold them in her hand until rex zips his tongue out there and nabs it. It is so funny!

I totally forgot to write about this on Sunday, but we found another new and unique creature (the rainy season must bring them out...I tell ya!). Here is a picture of it:

It looks like a snake, doesn't it? The one in the picture is obviousy very tiny, but the one we found in our yard, was about a foot long! So, imagine our thoughts. The girls come running in the house screaming that they saw a snake. Chastity, the girl that was here over the weekend, has the thing strung over a stick. I told the girls to get in the house and stay in! Ben went out and investigated. He was pretty sure it was dead, but to be sure went to cut the head off. Well, as he began examining it, he found that it was quite hard to determine where the head was because it had no mouth! So, he reasoned that it must not be a snake after all. He came in the house and googled it, and quickly learned that is called a snake worm, or a blind snake. We never got a picture of the one we caught, but I found this shot online so you could see what it looks like. Wierd, huh!? Wierd and cool all at the same time. Our friend Hillary told us that he's seen them before and that one variety is a beautiful bright blue color.

You just never know what a day will hold when living in Cameroon...

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