Saturday, July 3, 2010

A New Puppy!

I have been bugging Ben about getting a dog for a while. He has always been "thumbs down" on the idea of getting one. They will bark, and howl etc... Originally I agreed with him, but lately, especially since we lost our kitty, I have thought about how much fun it would be to have a dog. No kid should grow up without owning at least one dog. So, he said he'd give it a try. The Loeschers, a missionary family in Foumban, posted pictures of a recent litter of their dogs puppies. SO, so cute! I knew they would be trying to find homes for them b/c they are heading back to the states soon. So, I started dropping hints to Ben. I wasn't exactly sure if they still had available puppies, but when Carol and Walter Loescher visited us one afternoon, she asked me if we needed a dog. So, I started pressing Ben for an answer. If it was no, I'm sure I'd be sad...maybe even complain, but that would be the end of it. However, He finally agreed, so today Carol headed to camp Joy to pick up some of their campers, and she brought me a puppy! Last night I told the girls (Kate and Emma) that if they went to sleep (they slept in the guest room as a treat and were so rowdy!) that I had a big surprise for them the next day. They went to sleep immediately. All morning they bugged me and discussed amongst themselves what they thought the big surprise was going to be. They finally all agreed that it was going to be a trampoline (????...not sure where in the world that came from!). So, Carol finally called and asked me to meet her at the main road to get the dog. I told all the kids to hop in the car and away we went. I was so excited that I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face. I just knew they would be thrilled! And they were thrilled!! Well....all of them except Drew. Poor kid...he was SO disappointed that it wasn't a trampoline after all. Oh well... The puppy started growing on him though. We decided on the name Penny b/c she is the color of a penny...and it just fit. That is what the Loeschers actually named her, and it was so perfect that it stuck. We still batted a few ideas around. I knew were were getting a female, so I thought the girls would love Princess. Kate wanted to name her Rosebud. But, I think we have decided to stick with Penny.

Poor Penny is without her mommy for the first night of her life, and squalling like a baby in the next room. I'm glad that Ben isn't here for her first night, and hopefully tomorrow night her cries will be less and less (really...just like a baby! haha) I was going to keep her on the front porch. Well, I put her out there while the kids and I watched a movie tonight and she hollered like crazy and I caught her chewing the screen! I was afraid she'd chew her way right off the front porch and run away. So, until we can get some kind of dog chain, she will have to stay inside. I might have a mess on my hands in the morning, but no biggie. My house is all tiled. I actually locked her in the little mud room/entry way between the kitchen and the parlour (it is where we hang all of our shoes and store purses and stuff) and that little stinker got the door open somehow. She ran right over and tried to hop onto the couch. I put her up there just to see what she'd do, and she curled up into a little ball and started falling asleep again. If I let her sleep there tonight she probably wouldn't make a peep, but she needs to start learning to sleep on her own. I hope we can all get some sleep tonight...including my nightwatchman. He is probably on the verge of shooting me right about now! haha!

Anyway, sorry for being so verbose. I can't keep any story simple. Here is Penny.
Isn't she cute! I just love her color. In fact the Cameroonians have commented on her unique coloring. She is part lab, golden retriever and german shepherd. Hopefully she starts behaving so Ben will let me keep her!!
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  1. AWWW!!! She is really cute! Kinda makes me want a puppy! If Zach weren't allergic! Love her coloring! The kids look happy! Zach is a lot like Drew. I think he would have done the same thing and been disappointed that it wasn't a trampoline! :) Having a puppy is a lot like having a baby at first! Hope she settles down for you!

  2. Congrats on Penny! She is adorable and precious! Hope she is adjusting to family life and things are getting easier for you :)

  3. AWW!! she is just so precious! congrats on a totally cute puppy Becca!