Monday, July 26, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

We enjoy our family day Monday. Today was chilly and rainy...and I loved it! Ellen and Chastity headed up to Sabga first thing in the morning to help transport a bunch of tables and stuff at camp. Thank the Lord she had her keys :D So, we asked her to join us for lunch at our favorite hamburger joint and they decided to go ahead and eat with us and then continue on their way out of town. We had a yummy meal. The Asa-Neh restaurant is the fastest one I've ever been to in we love it, and today was no exception. The food came out quick and we had a lot and it was yummy!

We said our goodbyes and headed home to relax. It was a perfect day to do that too...dreary, cold, rainy. I put Faith and Emma down for a much needed nap, while Drew and Kate quietly watched a video. I couldn't resist catching a shot of my sleeping beauty: I'll be honest. I snagged a couple of sleepy shots for a scrapbook page I was working on. :) lol! But they still are super cute. I got another one of Emma too. Seriously though...I need to get Faith Ann to quit sucking her thumb! All three of my girls have been finger suckers and I've had to break each of them. I thought I'd never break Kate. She was the worst one of all of them. She sucked her pointer finger, and she sucked it all day long. Thankfully Faith only sucks her thumb in bed. So, she is my next project! But she still looks so sweet!
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  1. She is a cutie. She loves that thumb though. I remember when she was little and I would sneek into her room and tell her to give me that thumb. She would just laugh and laugh.

  2. She looks so sweet and peaceful! Love her sweet little curls around her face.