Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Today the kids went to Bible School again, and I was home with Faith and Trinity again. Another relaxing day for me, hehe! Actually, I got a big project accomplished and I'm so glad I got it done! Our hall closet has been such a catch-all. We put doors on it this year, and it is now the perfect place to stash all that last minute stuff when company is coming! So, I tore everything out and started organizing and throwing stuff away. While I was in there I came across this blank DVD. It wasn't labeled at all, and my first thought was to just throw it away. Do you ever just get in those moods? You are on a roll cleaning and you want to toss anything in sight...especially stuff that has been stuffed in a closet for seemingly forever, and you never missed it to begin with? Well, I decided to quickly pop it into a dvd player and I'm SO glad I didn't toss it!

Nearly a year ago Ben dug out our old VHS tapes...home video stuff, and burned it all onto one DVD. Most of it was video of Drew from the time he was little, up until we had Kate and lived in Cameroon. So all the material spanned about 4 years time. He burned it, and that night the kids watched it and it disappeared! I was sure it was a labeled DVD, which is why I just overlooked that one...because it obviously never did get labeled. As soon as I started watching it the kids heard and came in begging to sit and watch the whole thing. They laughed and laughed through that entire thing. Drew was SUCH a ham when he was little! Oh my word...I miss that little baby side to him! Why does time have to move so fast!
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  1. I know the feeling about time moving too fast! What a great picture of them laughing!