Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Puppy Love

We sure love our new puppy...most of the time. When she isn't peeing or pooping on the floor anyway. She isn't doing too bad, but sometimes I just get sick of watching her and send her outside for an hour or so. She sure doesn't like it, but she is getting used to it little by little. I'll admit though...I'm a softy. I feel bad after a while and bring her back in with me. She loves, loves to be with us.

Today Ben bought her some new dog dishes.
We worked out a new system with Michael, our nightwatchman. He is going to cook her dinner every night, and at the same time cook some for himself. It works out well, really. I don't have to worry about feeding the dog, and we buy the ingredients and feed both the dog and our nightwatch. Michael likes it...and I like it. Anyway, we needed some dishes that he could cook the rice in, that would just double as the dogs dish. So...he went and bought these from Hillary - Michael's son. Remember how a few months ago we had our roof completely redone? Well, these bowls were made out of the old zinc that we took off of the roof! Hillary took the old zinc scraps that were too small to do anything with, had them melted down and made into these pots. Pretty amazing!
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