Friday, July 23, 2010

Amateur Cake Makers

We have another wedding coming up this weekend...Felix and Evette are getting married on Saturday, and Ellen Doyle offered to do the cake for them. She asked me some time ago if I minded her coming and using my oven and kitchen to put some cakes together for the wedding. I said sure, and beginning Thursday night, the cake making began. I didn't do too much on Thursday, but on Friday I began helping Ellen out with the roses for the cake. We had great aspirations for this cake...but it all looked much prettier in the picture and in our minds than it turned out in real life. So, here is what we wanted it to look like...and what it actually looked like:

LOL! It just makes me giggle when I look at that picture. But being Cameroon we were sure that the bride and groom would love it. Cameroonians love bright colors and gaudy things, so this cake was perfect for the occasion!

I've never done too much with buttercream or royal icing. I really wanted to learn how to make a good rose. I even watched youtube vids and tried to do exactly what they do...all to no avail. Maybe I'll take some cake decorating classes next time I'm home. Or maybe I'll just stick to fondant and master that first.

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  1. I am sure that the cake was the last thing on the bride and grooms mind. I think you did a great job though. You should just take some lessons from Sarah when you get home. She does a great job with buttercream frosting.