Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Sunday

We had a great Sunday today. Ellen Doyle and a friend of hers, Chastity, were still staying with us, so they rode with us to all the church services. Kind of a funny story...not so funny for Ellen but we can look back and smile now. She got home pretty late after Felix's and Evette's wedding. She has a nice big truck, so she was helping return rental chairs and do a number of other things. Well, she got to our house so late, and was so tired after a long day (long week really) that she locked her keys in her truck. Well, her truck is really nice, so we considered getting someone to try and pick the lock, but she didn't want to ruin her truck and I don't blame her. So she had another set at her house in Foumban (about 3 hours away) and we got someone to send it "voyage." With the "voyage" system you can send just about anything across Cameroon...they just add it to the public buses that are coming your direction. It cost Ellen about $3, so it isn't too expensive. Anyway...all that to say, the car was packed today, but thankfully Ellen got her keys back and was able to unlock her truck tonight! :)

Ben got this adorable picture of Faith Ann singing out of the hymn book. She is always so adamant about having one...and I'm not sure if you can tell which direction it is facing...upside down! She always tells me she is going to read to me. And I humor her...I tell her to go ahead and read to me. Because of that she believes that she can read. Every once in a while I'll catch the kids saying, "Faith you can't even read!" and she'll respond, "Yes I can...Mommy said so!" So, naturally if she can read, she should have a hymn book on Sunday.
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  1. If mommy says it's true it is. LOL. She is so adorable. Growing up way to quick and obviously wants to keep up with her siblings when it comes to reading.