Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sour Puss

Hahahah!! This pic just cracks me up! Ben was the one who snapped it, and when I was going through the camera I saw it and LoL'd! Faith Ann was bugging me for candy, so I gave her these sour skittles to have. Just typing that makes my mouth water! I hate sour candies...ack! Faith Ann could eat those things with a straight face! Obviously, Drew could not!
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  1. I'm with Drew. I don't like sour candies either. Faith can have my portion.

  2. LOL is all I can say about this picture!

  3. I new Faith and I were meant to be besties. i LOVE sour candy! i will take it over chocolate anyday! my favorite are sour cherry coke bottles. soo good!