Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wedding Fun

Well, today was the big wedding day for Pastor Felix and Evette. It started out rainy and dreary, but by the time Ellen and I drove down into the valley of Bamessing it was clearing, and while a bit cool, turned out to be a beautiful day! We had to get the cakes to the church to set up before 10. So, Kate and Emma were our helpers, sitting in the backseat with the cakes to make sure they didn't tumble upside down. While still on our driveway, before we even got to the tar road, Kate let out a big..."Oh no...Mom!!" and she just burst into tears. I was like, "What in the world did you do!!!!!!" She said Emma had told her to look behind them and Kate, without thinking, put her hand on what she was probably thinking was the seat to turn around, but what was actually a cake! Ahhhh!! That girl is SO blonde sometimes. So, one of our cakes had Kate's big handprint in it. Poor Ellen...all that work, and one of my girls has to mess it up. I just felt bad, but it truly was an honest mistake on Kate's part. She just wasn't thinking...she really was trying to take her job seriously and I know she felt awful. Oh well...Ellen is such a good sport and so easy going about the whole thing. When we got there we tried to repair it, but it wasn't really working. Kate managed to just smoosh one side, so we turned that part towards the back wall and the only way you could really see the problem is if you were standing behind it, or directly over it. Most people probably had no idea. It all worked out in the end. Ellen made three box cake mixes...she saved an 8-in round for the groom and bride and cut the rest of the cake to serve over 200 people. Imagine how tiny a piece they got! haha! But that is how they do it just get a teeny tiny bite! Unless, of course, you have big bucks, which most people do not have.

Susan and I just told the kids to stay outside and play during the wedding. They weren't disturbing at all and that way 6 seats were free for other guests, and they weren't crammed in a stuffy room for two hours. Before the ceremony even started, Kate found this amazing that I've NEVER seen before: Here is a closer shot (and you can always click on the image to make it even bigger):
Isn't that the wildest thing you've ever laid eyes on? It was the hugest caterpillar I've ever seen in my life and there was no way in the world I was gonna pick it up. We managed to get it on that stick to get some good photos of it though. The kids also found a big lizard that they played with, saw a chicken eating a frog, and also a chicken laying an egg! What an educational day they had! haha!

The wedding was very similar to last weeks. The differences were the processional time. This one went much faster. Ben also had a different role this week...he officiated the wedding and gave the vows (his very first wedding in Cameroon!) and Matt was the one who preached the message this week. Everything went great and it was a big success. The gospel went forth and I think the entire day brought glory and honor to God! Here is a shot of the bride and groom during the recessional
What a good looking couple!!
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  1. WOW - thank you for sharing - what a BEAUTIFUL bride and I agree a nice looking couple! How wonderful to see these guys getting married to godly woman. We started praying for godly woman for these men after our first visit - so neat to see God answering prayers!

  2. LOVE the caterpillar shots! I am so interested to read about the weddings, thanks for giving us that slice of life!

  3. When is Godlove II getting married?