Sunday, July 4, 2010

RED white and blue

Happy 4th of July. I definitely miss being in the states for the 4th. It is one of my favorite holidays. I hope you all enjoyed the fireworks (or shooting stars as they call them here) for me. We haven't enjoyed a 4th of July celebration in the states for a long time actually. Since Faith was a baby. Every once in a while, Bamenda will shoot fireworks for their independence day and we can actually see a few of them from our parlour. :D

Well, Ben came home from Benakuma on Sunday. He arrived at the house around 4 p.m. He was SO sore...aside from the fact that he rode on a small motorcycle for 3 hours (between two grown men), he also got fried by the sun being out without any hat or sunscreen for several hours. They did drive through the rain for about 45 minutes, and he ducked behind the driver to avoid the bite of the rain as they flew down the roads. The driver was going quite fast too though, so Ben wanted to look and see where he was going. He felt like if he was watching he could brace himself if he thought a wreck was impending. Anyway...all that to say, it was an experience of a lifetime and he came home looking like a lobster.By bedtime he was looking more purple than red. You won't hear him complain though...God really blessed this trip. The believers were encouraged and several people trusted Christ as Saviour!

I woke up late, missing Sunday school. The sinus infection/cold (whatever it is) seemed to be getting better, but this morning I woke with a splitting headache and my sinuses completely blocked. I guess my body decided for me that I needed more sleep because I never even heard my alarm. I jumped out of bed at quarter til 8 to get the kids ready for the main service. I remembered the puppy and went to see what damage had been done. Ewwwww! that is all I can say. I grabbed her up, and held her at arms length and rushed her to the tub. She got a scrub down. Once she was clean, I handed her off to Kate and headed to tackle my hallway. It was pretty gross...but nothing that a rubbermaid mop bucket and a bottle of bleach couldn't handle. So, I cleaned up that mess, and then got the kids ready for church. We worked very hard at penning the dog in the courtyard, but everything we tried to do, she managed to escape from. So, I decided I'd put her on the front porch, hoping she wouldn't chew here way out. We took off for church. We had a great service. I was in Children's church and had 20 kids. They were all very attentive and were able to answer all the questions about David and his being anointed as King of Judah, and ultimately of Israel. We then rushed back home...with my whopping headache, and the fact that Ben was gone, I wasn't planning to go to town.

I told the kids, that as soon as we got home to rush around to the front and check on the dog. Well...that little turkey managed to get out! She chewed a hole in the screen and Kate found her running around the front yard. I'm so glad she didn't run away!

So, there is my day...I kind of told it backwards, but that is ok. We ended our evening with Apple Pie for the 4th of July. The kids had fun introducing their daddy to the newest member of our family and while he won't admit it...I think she is already growing on him. :D
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  1. One of these days you will be home for the 4th. Sorry that you still don't feel all that great. I am thrilled that Ben had such a good trip. He does look a little fried though. I am glad that Penny made a good impression on him.

  2. Sorry you aren't feeling good! Puppies can be so hard at first! Almost like having a mischievous toddler! :)

  3. Thanks for the report on Benakuma (and Penny) :)
    So is our Chocolate like Penny's step-sister or something?
    We sure missed the 4th of July as well. Elena and I were driving back to Sabga from Ndop and there was a guy in Bamessing with a bunch of big American flags and USA football jerseys. I had to turn around and see what it was all about. He said he was promoting a football match in the village. I thanked him for allowing me see the flag of my country on their Independence Day...kind of cool as I sure missed being in the states.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.
    Great to hear about Benakuma...say hi Ben for me! -Sam