Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Bees Knees

Our house is surrounded by tons of gorgeous bushes, plants and flowers. Because of all the amazing flowers we have, we also have a ton of birds. I hear the most amazing melodies around my house. Today, as I was in the kitchen, I heard one bird singing out in the courtyard I think...it sounded like a beautiful recording! Not only do these birds sound so amazingly beautiful...they also look amazingly beautiful. They are all shimmery and bright! We've tried to get some good photos of them, but nothing ever turns out clear enough for me. One of these days, I'll post some beautiful photos of my birds. Well, our family has turned into bird lovers, and we came up with a great idea to make a bird feeder. These birds we see look kind of like hummingbirds, but they are bigger and land, rather than hover. We thought however, that if we tried making a hummingbird feeder of sorts, with the colored sugar water, that they would like it, and it would also give us a place to watch them. Ben found a chicken feeder, and I boiled and colored sugar water and we placed the feeder right outside our parlour window, so we could literally eat breakfast while watching the birds. Well, our little plan didn't work exactly as we had imagined. Take a look: And here is a closer look: While I do appreciate bees and all that they do for us, this is definitely not what we had in mind. In the end, we had to take down our ingenious bird feeder. Evidently the hummingbird feeders you buy in the store are designed to keep the bees out...and ours obviously wasn't. In fact, several of them drowned in all that sugary goodness!
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  1. Wow Becca, that's just crazy!

  2. oh MAN!!!! So interesting, but kinda scary!! What will you guys do with it?