Friday, August 27, 2010


It is Friday and our power is back on! Yay!! I'm so thankful for that! We were very conservative with our showers and never ran out of hot water! So, that is nice, and again I'm thankful for our generator. I don't know how we'd survive without it sometimes :D

The kids are glad it is friday b/c we are done with another school week. 3 weeks down already! I can't believe it!

Ben went to town for outreach while I was home with the kids busy doing school. He snapped this picture. Just a glimpse of stuff we see on an everday basis that might surprise some people. We get so used to these images, we don't give them a second thought really.

4 people, a couple of them quite large, squeezed onto a motorcycle taxi. These bikes scare me! And driving with them coming at you from all sides is even more scary. They are just crazy drivers. They will pass on the right or left and just freak me out. I will never encourage a visitor to ride a bike taxi here. I've seen too many wrecks.

When Ben got home we headed up to the Needham's house for dinner. The Needham's are in the states, but Sam and Abby are up there as Sam is doing several trips this week with the airplane. So, the Yeiters and us went up there for a spaghetti dinner and some great fellowship. I especially enjoyed cuddling with the Sanderlins precious baby, Chloe. It is so nice b/c I can snuggle and then walk away and get a good nights sleep! haha! (now watch one of my kids wake up sick in the night.....)

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  1. Cute photos! Kids grow so fast! I pray one night a week for you every week. I love cats/dogs both! Please don't "Wallop" the dog - shake a can filled with pebbles or slap a newspaper on your hand but no walloping!
    Love in Christ,
    Nancy Cox