Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nature Freak

I'm not really a nature freak, but you might think so. I know I post a ton of pictures of bugs, and animals etc... but we see some of the most amazing critters here! Today the kids came in screaming that I needed to come and see this bunch of worms outside. Well, I went to check it out. From a distance it looked like a big fat caterpillar crawling across the pavement, but upon closer inspection it was hundreds of small worms all moving together. Weird to say the least, and it creeped me out and I sprayed it before I thought to get a picture of it. Ben said that it was probably some rare type of beautiful butterfly larvae. :D Oh well. They are all dead now.

On a much prettier note, this beautiful moth was caught in the gate of our courtyard. I am guessing that our nightwatchman spotted it and stuck it in our gate, b/c it was perched on a stem from one of our rose bushes that grow on the side of our house. I was acting pretty freakish trying to get a picture of the thing too, b/c Penny kept trying to eat it and I kept getting onto the kids for not holding onto her tight enough. But I managed to get several good shots of it.
Today was day 2 of our Holiday Bible School and we had 1 kid shy of doubling our attendance. Two kids got to pick out a big prize for bringing the most visitors and hopefully that pumped the others up to bring more kids tomorrow. Today was different in that it rained ALL afternoon, so our games had to be inside games today. One game that was a lot of fun to watch was candy on a string. Two kids get a candy tied to the end of a string. I'd say the string is about a foot and a half long. They hold it out in front of them and when Valerie blows the whistle, they have to stick the end of the string in their mouth and try and bring the candy up from the bottom and get it into their mouth without using anything but their mouth. It sounds easier than it is. Here is a picture of Jetum trying to do it...she wasn't very successful.Kate is really good at it. I've never tried it myself, but she says her strategy is to twirl the string around her tongue as she brings it up into her mouth. It must work, b/c she won both times that she played!

Jude did a great job with the story today and gave an invitation at the end. Two girls came back and I was able talk with them. After hearing clear testimonies of salvation I was able to encourage them from the Bible that we can know for sure that we have everlasting life. One of the young ladies, Paulette, comes from a Catholic background and is struggling with the assurance of her salvation. Pray that we will continue to have opportunities to disciple these young kids. Some of these children will never be allowed to step foot in our church door other than these few days of Bible School. It might be the only time they hear the gospel in a years time. Please pray with us that we will see fruit that remains.
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  1. I will be praying for these young people. How sad that they might never be able to hear the gospel again. As your kids get older I am sure they will be a light to these other children. Even just playing outside.

  2. Wow that moth is gorgeous! and HUGE!