Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oops...Behind Again

I have been severly neglecting my blog...I'm sorry! and I must say that I'm SO proud of my Mom for not saying one word about it! :D So, I'll update you on the last few days rather than do each day separately. I'm pretty proud of myself for having stuck to this 365 project this long. I think I've forgotten to take pictures about 4 times maybe? Not too bad really. We are nearing September, so I think I've done pretty good! Alright, enough bragging on myself lol! I'm just buttering you up to say that I forgot to take a picture on Sunday... :( So, I'll start my updating with Monday!

The kids did school and we headed to lunch. The lady in the food market told Ben that she'd have fresh broccoli on Monday, so Ben called her and sure enough she did. We went to Bamenda and bought 23 heads of broccoli!! So, I spent all evening cutting and trimming. I was kind of disappointed in the fact that they were going bad. So it took me quite a while to cut all the bad parts out and prepare it for blanching and freezing. But, I'm not going to complain too much b/c we have really been enjoying this treat of broccoli!! She even threw in some cauliflower for free (maybe b/c she knew the broccoli was going bad?) And guess what we had for supper...broccoli and oranges! Mmmm! Tasty and healthy. I told Ben I needed to do better about serving fruit to the family. I'm terrible about that and the kids love fruit. It is just kind of a pain to prepare here. In the states you can just pop in a blueberry or a strawberry or an apple. Here everything has to be cleaned, peeled, chopped. So, I'm really bad about preparing fruit. I'm determined to give my kids fruit everyday, and they are so happy about Mommy's new resolution!

Another resolution I had was to make more breakfast. By now you are probably thinking, "What kind of mom is this lady! She doesn't feed her family fruit or breakfast!!" I are right. I'm terrible about preparing breakfast. We eat cereal every day of our lives. In the states I wouldn't have it any other way! Lucky Charms, Honey Nut Cheerios, Special K Strawberry, MMMmmmmmm! I am a sugar cereal addict. But here, our choices are limited to about 2 things and that gets old REALLY fast. Kate doesn't even eat breakfast hardly. She is so sick of cereal. I even tried making homemade granola, but that didn't thrill the kids too much either. So, I guess I have to start making breakfast more often. That means more time in the kitchen and more preparation, but my family has already expressed their appreciation for my new resolution. So, Tuesday we had homemade biscuits fresh out of the oven and orange slices. We all sat down to breakfast and Emma's comment was, "This is like a family in a movie!" haha!
Our dog Penny was sick for a few days last week. She was miserable and I was really worried that she was going to die. The Yeiters had a dog die of similar symptoms. We called the vet immediately and he came out and gave her a couple of shots. The next day she could hardly walk! I was thinking, "What in the world did that vet do to her!" but by the next day she was back to her old self, jumping and nipping at my heels. Now that the kids are in school she doesn't get played with as much, so on Wednesday I went out and had a good ol' game of tug of war with her. She loved the attention!Wed. afternoon we had a doozy of a storm! Wow! So the power went out at about 3 ish...and it is now Thursday night and it still isn't on. So, who knows how long this will go on. I hope they are working on it, but am really thankful for our Honda generator! While we can't heat water heaters and do laundry we can at least run all the lights and the fridge and freezer. So that is a blessing. It has been raining like crazy and of course I'm loving it! We have water all the time now and that is SUCH a big blessing!! It has been freezing cold! But I love that too. I just love rainy season. I don't care for all the mud my kids get into, but I can deal with that. Today the kids did school on the generator. Ben left this morning to go visit one of the members of our Bamenda church who is in the hospital. Pray for Emmanuel as you read this. He was saved through the Yeiters - was their washing machine repair man, and has been a faithful believer ever since. He has had trial after trial in his life. Last year he was in a car wreck and his hand was shattered. He can't really use it anymore. Then severe back pain began developing and the doctors informed him this week that the bones in his lower back are literally deteriorating. We are in the middle of 3rd world Africa and I'm not sure what they can do for him exactly, but pray that God gives the doctors wisdom and for Emmanuel to get healing and relief from all the pain he is in.

On a lighter note, Ben picked up some speakers in town for our church bus. He thought it would be nice to have something to play some Godly music while the bus runs and also for when we use the bus for long trips to Douala. So he found some speakers and was cracking up at the name brand. I'm now back on track and I can't promise I'll always stay that way, but I will always catch up, so be sure to keep checking back!!!
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