Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Ben loves to play with the macro settings on his camera, and he also got some lense reversal rings...or something like that, that he uses to take some really close, close up shots. He plays around with it from time to time. (You can check out a whole album of some of his pictures HERE.) Today he got this neat spider shot.
You can see a faint outline of the web which was pretty cool. You can always click the image to get a closer look, though I suspect neither my Mom nor my mother-in-law will choose to do that! haha!
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  1. You know I am always fussing at you for not posting a blog but I will have to say that you could have left this one out and it would have been ok with me. LOL

  2. great shot! but i have to leave this page now because it freaks me out, lol.