Friday, August 6, 2010

More fun and games

Another day of HBS. I can tell the kids are getting worn out. Emma is so giddy at bedtime!

I stayed home today. We start school on Monday and I have so much to do. For one thing, Diane is gone to Ngounderie for a month, which means I don't have someone to help me mop my floors or clean my bathrooms. You might think I'm spoiled (and I am) but house cleaning is so time consuming here. What Diane can do in one hour, I can't do in two days! I'm serious! I get interrupted by "Mom I'm hungry!"...or "Time to make dinner!"...."Gotta put the dough in the bread machine" ..."I'm thirsy!" ...not to mention when I move from room to room I get sidetracked. I'll be working on the parlour and head to my bedroom to put something away and notice the load of laundry that hasn't been put up, and get going on that and as I walk into the bathroom realize the sink needs to be cleaned and...before I know it, I've forgotten my first task of cleaning and mopping the parlour! I realize you all have the same struggles, but you also have aids that I don't dishwashers, constant water and electricity, or convenience items for speeding up the meal making process. I'm not complaining in any shape or form. I said from the beginning of this blog that I was going to be transparent so you knew about the life of a missionary wife/mom. Life is just different here, and I am adjusting (still!), but housekeeping is one of those things I'll never fully conquer. I have come a long way though. When we first moved here I could barely get dinner on the table each night by 7 p.m. We now eat at a normal time! :D So, anyway, I worked from the moment I got up until I went to bed and still didn't accomplish what I wanted to, but it did help to have the kids out from under foot, other than Faith Ann. She stayed home with me, but one is so much easier than all four!

So, my reports of HBS are from Ben, but he said that everything went great. They had about the same number of kids, but they all had a great time and two girls went back to trust Christ as Saviour, so it was definitely a profitable day because of that alone!

He got a couple pictures of game time, and I thought they were so revealing of my daughter's competetive nature. Notice here that Kate's friend is clearly posing for the picture, while Kate already has her mind on the race. I wasn't there, but I can imagine her strategizing here, explaining how they were going to run the race, "Ok...let's both start with the outside leg first."

and here you can see one girl is having a blast, just enjoying the game, while the other girl (who shall remain nameless haha!) is focused and quite possibly irritated that she isn't in the lead.

*sigh* that is one thing we are really trying to drill into to be a good loser. How to rejoice with those that do rejoice as the Bible tells us. It is VERY difficult for her to lose and it is that selfish nature coming out. Pray for us as we seek to train and raise up godly kids. It is a challenge for all of us parents!

Well...I'm off to finish mopping that parlour! :D

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  1. I am sure they had a ball at Holiday bible school. I know that Kate is one determined little girl but I am praying that she will use that determination someday to serve the Lord. I also will agree with the fact that cleaning and cooking take much longer over there. Everything is from scratch. Can't just order pizza if you have a busy day. Well, you can but YOU have to cook it. But you are an awesome cook Becca.

  2. Love the dress the little girl is wearing!!! Also totally and utterly support you having someone helping you out around the house - I do not think you should feel like you need to explain at all - what I want to know - how much does it cost? Because I am sure if we knew that, we would all gladly send you the money to keep her on!!!! So glad to hear about the salvation of some little ones this week as well!!!

  3. How fun! Bible school has always been a favorite time of year for me. Our church just finished up this past Sunday [they did it every Sunday morning for the last 5 Sundays] and Tori went to two different churches for two different Bible schools this year! Looks like you guys are having so much fun - love the photos!

  4. oh man, i LOVE your commentary of those pictures! i was totally giggling!