Thursday, August 19, 2010

Traffic Jam

We got into a little traffic jam on the way to Bible Study tonight. But what adorable traffic it was!

This sweet baby goat and it's brother or sister, were just laying down in the road while Mama goat was cleaning them. They didn't bog things up too long. As soon as we got close they jumped up and got out of the way, but we had to stop and get a picture of this adorable little guy. He was so little. Makes me want one for a pet! He could mow the grass!

Our prayer meeting went well. Attendance is down during the holidays as all the students are out of town, but we had a handful. Ben teaches on Thursdays and he usually calls on people to read verses. Kate and Drew are always wanting to read, but they often forget their bibles. They forgot theirs tonight and ended up using mine, but it is good incentive for them to bring theirs and also to listen closely so when Ben calls for readers!

We came home tonight and enjoyed our broccoli. I made some homemade broccoli and cheese soup and it was SO yummy. The kids loved it too and we have just enough for one person to eat a bowl of it tomorrow. I used two heads, so I'll have to come up with something a little different for the next two heads.

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  1. Now this would make a great pet. It is adorable for sure.

  2. I love broccoli cheese soup! Mmmm...