Friday, August 13, 2010


It is Friday the 13th....(the twilight zone theme is going through my head...) Well, in spite of all the negative hype around friday the 13th, it proved to be a very good day for the Sinclairs. Everyone woke up happy and healthy today! Kate ended up throwing up 4 times in the night, but when she got up she was as good as new. I wasn't sure how she'd do at school, so I gave her the option to take a break today, and do it tomorrow, or vice versa. She opted to take a break today (which I knew she would lol!). So, she'll be hating it tomorrow, but I can't get off track on the first week of school, so I'll have her make it up. At least the main subjects. I can just have her do the worktext pages in some of her subjects like Bible, handwriting and spelling to speed the day up. Anyway...the rest of the kids did school and by tomorrow we will be back on track. I'm so thankful that whatever this virus was, that it moved through all the kids quickly. I hate it when stomach bugs drag on for a couple days! I just hate to see my kids sick!

Ben got this funny shot of Penny's house today. She won't sleep in this house at all. After all the work Ben put into it...he isn't happy about that to say the least. She does go in there though because we put her food in there. Well, the birds have figured that out too, and are quite brave now that we don't have any cats around here anymore! haha!

I bet once Penny gets bigger she'll go in there. We have this old woven basket outside that she sleeps in. It is hilarious b/c sometimes you will go to the door, and she will hear you, and all you see pop out of the basket is her little head. haha! so cute! She will outgrow that basket though, and hopefully learn to like her house.
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  1. Well at least the dog house isn't a complete waste. Ha Ha. Hopefully Penny will go in there when she gets a little older. Right now she has too much energy to stay put.