Monday, August 2, 2010

God No Di Sleep

Family day Monday. As we were headed out to our favorite restaurant, we were behind this motorcycle taxi. The sign on the back of his bike was worth taking a picture of. "God no di sleep," is pidgin for God doesn't sleep. However muchacho isn't pidgin, lol! and I have no idea what FBI really stands for. Maybe he is an undercover agent? Anyway, we giggled at it, What you can't see is the other person stuffed between the girl and the driver!

Lunch was great as always and we sat there for a while while it poured down rain. I shoulda brought my sweater! It was downright cold! On our way home we ran into Valerie, who had just returned from a graduation in a city that is right by the ocean. He brought us some treasures from the sea, and the kids were so excited. I was especially intrigued by this one: Valerie said it is a sea flower and that a fisherman brought it to him. I just love it!

...and I know you all are thinking it...Valerie is a HE?? odd name for a boy to be sure, but in Cameroon Valerie can be for a girl or a boy.
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  1. That looks like a rock. It is really cool though. Can't wait to eat at your favorite restaurant when we come to visit. I won't be ordering a burger though. I am still not that brave. Ha Ha