Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Town Treats

Ben brought home a real treat from town tonight!We don't see broccoli too often, and sometimes it looks downright gross. But this batch was so green and gorgeous, he bought four heads of it! We are in broccoli heaven and now I have to decide what I want to make with it!

Our day went well. The kids are plugging away in the 2nd week of school. I think we are getting into a routine. There are some things I have to keep reminding them to do, but they'll get it. It is so fun to watch them learn. Emma was studying about the moon and how the sun gives light to the moon. She was so excited about it and told me that she always thought that when we couldn't see the entire moon, that part of the moon was in a different city. But now she knows the whole thing is there, she just can't see it. It was really cute seeing her so excited about it all and even cuter listening to her explain it all to me. That is one of the joys of get the thrill of seeing your kids learn!
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  1. That is some great looking broccoli. I know that is one of the things you miss over there. You need to grow some in your garden.