Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The real thing is technically "Play-Doh" but since I made mine from scratch, mine is play-dough. :)

Well, we haven't had any play-doh around for a couple years now and it ends up being a little to heavy for luggage, so it never gets brought out. The last time I was in the states I made it a point to buy some extra cream of tartar to make the homemade kind. Faith needed to make it for her school, so we did it together and it was ridiculously easy and once their school was done, the kids played, and played and played with it all afternoon.At around 4, we headed to Yeiters for Mariah's birthday party. We had a great evening over there as usual. The kids always have a blast together and I think Mariah's day ended up being a special one!
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  1. I love making play-dough! We would make for the kids a lot at the daycare I used to work at.