Monday, August 16, 2010

Splish, Splash Time for a Bath!

Back to the grind. After a crazy week last week with sickness, and trying to organize the first week of school, we had a relatively uneventful beginning to our second week. First of all, and best of all, there was no puking! :D The kids got going on their Bible before 8. We stopped and had breakfast at 8:15, and they hit the books again at 8:30 and were done by 12:30! So, we went to our restaurant! I would still like to keep up with our Monday routine of family day and just push the kids to start early and finish early. They did a great job today!

We came home from eating lunch and it started Pouring! Once the rain died down the kids went scrambling for their rainboots and went outside to play. Because of the fast, heavy rain, there were lots of great big puddles! Drew and Kate had a grand ol' time! Take a look!

Oh my...they were a mess when all was said and done, but they sure had fun! They came in for some warm showers. I don't know how they stood it! I was in my sweater, completely dry and I was cold today! But they were running and jumping and splashing, so hopefully the extra energy kept them warmer! I dread washing out their clothes tomorrow...
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  1. Oh my. It will take some shout to get those clothes clean. I remember playing in puddles when I was a kid. I honestly can't believe that Drew got that dirty. He has changed a lot.