Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Holiday Bible School

Today was the first day of Holiday Bible School here in Bambili. The kids were so excited to be a part of another week! The first day is always a slow start, but by the time it was game time, we had around 21 kids I think it was. Ben's job is to do the music for the week. I am teaching a Missionary story today and tomorrow, and then Dereck is teaching one on Friday and Sat. Jude is teaching the main Bible story (Jonah) and Valerie is in charge of the games. Here is a shot of our very first game...tug of war. Man...these kids here are tough! and I learned that mine need to toughen up! :D The two teams are the elephants and the Lions (Kate and Emma are on the Elephants and Drew and Faith are on the Lions.) One little girl on Kate and Emma's team is the cutest thing ever. She is so teeny, and Valerie called on her to do the sack race. I thought Ben got a shot of her racing, but when I went through the camera, I learned he didn't. My word...for a tiny little thing, she took off and was pretty much finished by the time the other girl even started! and I didn't even think she'd be able to do it at all! Look at how adorable she is!
So, anyway, the first day was a success and we encouraged the kids with candy and prizes to bring as many friends as possible tomorrow!
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  1. She is adorable. Bible school is always a highlight of the summer. Sounds like they had a great time.

  2. you are getting some awesome shots of everyone! the girl, actually all those kids, are so pretty!

    oh and yes, i am WAY behind on posting my pictures. they are all lined up an ready to go and just can't seem to find the time to actually blog!