Friday, August 20, 2010

Faith's Pet

Today I noticed a teeny tiny little gecko in our parlour. I called Faith since she was doing her school in that room, and she came running over and the two of us managed to capture it. She was so thrilled. That little thing was her new pet and she played with it ALL day. She tried feeding it saltine crackers, she told me at one point that her lizard was cold and she needed to find it a jacket. And I didn't realize it, but she took the thing to bed with her at naptime. That is when everything went sour. She woke up crying that she lost her lizard. So, who knows, that thing is probably still in her bed somewhere. I tried to encourage her that her pet lizard was still in the room with her and would be there to catch all the icky bugs that come in her room. She seemed content with that, and even told me later that she saw the lizard under her bed. I kinda doubt that...but hey, maybe she did. It is just that lizard is so small, she'd have to crawl under her bed herself to actually see it. But she thinks he is living under her bed, and as long as she is happy, I'm happy. Here is her pet.
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  1. I know that is a small one but somehow I can't imagine taking it to bed with me. I am sure it is hiding somewhere in her room. He probably was cold and went to look for a coat. Ha Ha