Saturday, September 4, 2010

Miss Me Yet?

Haha! Yes...I've been MIA this week. School keeps me very busy, and when the end of the day comes, and the kids are in bed...all I want to do is crash...not blog. Oh...and one more excuse, the power has been terrible this week! So, am I forgiven? Good...

My last post was Friday, Aug. 27. On Sat. the 28th, I went to a ladies meeting up in Sabga. We have these every other month, and Rosemary Craven was our speaker this month. She talked about the potter and the clay and it was SO good. I needed to hear every bit of what she had to say. I was especially encouraged by the verse, Psalm 40:2, "He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings." And I was challenged to be a pliable, moldable piece of clay for my Lord.

I took Faith with me and while we were away, the kids were playing hard outside with all of their friends. Ben got this great shot: and please ignore my oldest daughter. She wears her socks like that all the time thanks to Ben and I keep telling her she looks like a nerd. I told her today in fact, that when she goes to school in America, all the kids are going to make fun of her. She insists on having her socks up like that...and with flip flops?? Oh my...

Sunday was a great day, and my picture (that I don't have yet) will be borrowed from Susan. Yeiters have been having car trouble, and everytime they parked, and shut off the car on Sunday, they had to push start it to get it going. I cracked up as I watched Susan and the kids pushing the car, with Matt behind the wheel! haha!

Monday was a stay at home Family Day. Ben went to visit Emmanuel in the hospital again, and Matt borrowed our car in the morning, so I was home with the kids. If you think I'm a bad wife/mother after me telling you all my cooking woes last week, you are going to love what was on the menu for supper Monday night...Chocolate ice cream with crushed peppermints. Yum!

Tuesday Ben got some speakers put in the bus. The last time we traveled together we tried to bring our ipod and some speakers and listen to some books on mp3. Well, the bus was just too loud. So, he paid an electrician to put in a whole system where we put our music on a thumb drive and tune it into an fm frequency and it plays via radio. I have no idea how it works, I just know that we can now listen to music when we travel!

On Wednesday the kids were outside playing and Emma came running in screaming about this huge spider with a shell on it's back. You know me and bugs! I had to go look! I wish this photo could give you an idea of how big this guy is. HE is big! He was feasting on a wasp when we first found him. We have seen him capture a few things actually. He is still in our garden and we keep checking him out!

Thursday was a rainy day. In fact, we sat at our church for an hour in the car waiting out the rain. Hilary and Michael and Jude finally showed up. Ben shared a couple illustrations from a Watchman Nee book he is reading and we had a time of prayer together. For my pic of the day, I got this cute shot of Emma doing her school project for Bible. She had fun and spent far too long on it, but she's been playing with her little finger puppets ever since.

On Friday ... something very great happened. :) Susan's parents arrived in Cameroon, and with them, my Birthday and Christmas present from my hubby. I'm working on getting everything transferred over, and all my photoshop stuff loaded, and avg and yahoo messenger. It is taking some time, but I am already loving it. It is SO fast! and sorry to my brother. We just couldn't join the mac family now. Maybe some day. :)
And then, A nice relaxing day. Ben went to their very first men's meeting. It went well for a first time. I was home with the kids getting my computer organized. I made the kids sit down and watch Anne of Green Gables. NOt really made them, but told them about it. They loved it! I went out on the porch to feed Rex and saw what I think is a lady bug! I've never seen one here before but you can check it out, as I obviously got a picture of it! Isn't it pretty? Drew had fun playing with it for a while. I'm finally caught up. I was going to write that I was so proud of my mom again for not saying anything...but she blew it when we talked this morning. I was even in the process of putting the photos in order on my computer and had blogger open. I'm only giving you a hard time Mom! YOu know I love you! The grandparents enjoy this blog more than anyone b/c it keeps them connected with the kids. But I'm thankful to all my readers for your patience with me!
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  1. Just think that maybe your daughter is just keeping herself from getting bites all over her legs, and won't need to continue doing that in the states. Can't wait to see the pic of Susan and kids pushing the car but that is the way it would be in our family too...I hate driving the car and would have no idea what to do behind the wheel. Love the pics of the spider and spotted bug. We have a lunar moth in a cocoon right now...looking forward to it coming out.

  2. glad to hear from you again. have to admire your dd1 for having her own style!

  3. We did miss you! We kept checking and praying all was well - we are so thankful you are all ok. We pray for you often!

  4. Yes, Kate does look somewhat like a nerd. But there is no fashion show going on in Cameroon. That is the problem. Here in America, everyone thinks they have to keep up with the Jones', so to speak. As far as the car goes, you would be pushing too, as you don't like to drive over there. I love the ice cream supper. Looked yummy. As far as the bugs go, you know how I dislike bugs. It isn't a good thing to show me a few weeks before I come to visit. I love the finger puppets that Emma made. They are adorable. And, one last thought, I did wait an entire week before I asked you if you were going to post to your blog. Cut me some slack. LOL