Thursday, September 9, 2010

The last few days...

So, I'll catch you up on the last few days. I figured I'd better post before my mom said something...hahaha!! Just kidding mom! :D

On Sundays, Ben walks to church early. We have Sunday School in Bambili at 8. Because it is such a long day already (we don't get home until 3) I usually get ready and head to church for the main service and Children's church. I drive the car since I have all the kids, and Ben walks to church. He snapped a shot of the road ahead of him as he was walking to church on Sunday. I got the sweetest email this week. Check it out:
This kid loves to email! I bought this typing tutor program for kids. Drew went through the whole program and he types better than his dad now! So, Ben set him up with his own email account, and he checks his email everyday. He's written and received letters from his Mommy of course :D, his grandma and his Mimi and Papa and uncle Jay. He is so stinkin' cute! So, out of the blue he sent me this sweet email. He is SUCH a good kid. So easy going...never complains. He is the reason I really wanted all boys, and one girl, rather than the other way around. I'm just kidding of course. I did want that when we were planning and talking about a family, but I obviously wouldn't change a thing now!

Tuesday was hamburger night. I made yummy ranch burgers that were far to small for the buns that I made. Oops! But the family loves burgers. The kids always ask for another one. And I don't skimp on the meat either. They just love ranch burgers. We also had some dill pickles that Susan found in Younde...Oh yum. What a treat.The girls occasionally ask Ben to show them his muscles (and he does have some nice muscles). It is such a crack up to listen to them..."Wow Daddy...that is enormous!!" It makes him feel good for sure. And then of course all the kids have to show their muscles too. Daddy does a good job pumping Drew up and making a big deal of how big his muscles are. :) And then my last pic, for tonight. I had something else on the camera to post, but Ben came quietly into the kitchen as I was working on the computer and said, "Grab the camera. Here is your 365 for the night." I was like, "what?" I was expecting some big hairy spider crawling across the parlour floor or something. But instead I found this: Emma is our sleepwalker. She takes after her momma. I was a terrible sleepwalker when I was little. I once tore all the covers and sheets off of my bed in the middle of the night and threw them out in the garage. And then crawled back into an empty bed and went to sleep. Several times when I was in high school, my dad would pound on the bathroom door while I was in the shower, only to tell me that it was 2 in the morning! Huh? I did that a lot. Anyway, she walked out into the parlour and curled up on the couch and I doubt that she will even remember it happened come morning!
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  1. I teared up at Drew's sweet email! That is just too cute! And I used to sleep walk too when I was little. My Mom and Dad would tell me things I did and whole conversations I had with them! I didn't remember any of it!
    I need to get the recipe for ranch burgers! :)

  2. Oh how I remember those roads. Kathy and I were just talking at lunch today about how bumpy our ride to your house will be. Drew's e-mail was a keeper for sure. What a sweetheart. As far as your little sleepwalker, I remember Daddy getting you out of the shower in the middle of the night many times. She must take after her mommy. I can tell Drew really growing. Those are some big muscles!!!!!