Thursday, September 16, 2010

No Title

I have no title for my post. I'm a bad, bad, bad blogger! and I've left all my peeps hanging the past few weeks! It really is just getting harder and harder to keep up this 365 project. I love blogging, but don't like being stuck on having to do it every single day. I think next year, I'm going to do project 52. Rather than 365 days of pictures, pick out one highlight of the week, or something. This week I have been terrible. I haven't taken one picture! Ben took a picture of the kids yesterday. They were all dressed up for the snowstorm...haha! I won't reveal too much because I plan on coming back tomorrow (last day of school for this week!) and posting some photos. We also have a new addition to our family that I'll share (no I'm not pregnant!) and I will try to take another interesting photo tomorrow too. Then I really need to try and remember to dig my camera out each day this coming week! So, I just wanted to quickly pop in and say I'm sorry, and that I'll get some pictures up tomorrow!!
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  1. Hey, you've done far better than me - I hadn't posted since May before yesterday LOL

    Life gets busy - you might be on to something with the P52 instead. I think I might do the same, especially with a new baby around.

    Can't wait to see your update, whenever time allows!