Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Evening Post

It is Saturday evening, and I know that I promised you an update yesterday with pictures, but I do live in Africa after all, so I guess I shouldn't make promises. Anyway, our internet was out all night and Saturday morning until 9. So, I honestly couldn't post. :D (for once I have a good excuse!)
My week was a blur. I am not sure I could even recount any details, but I did get all the pictures off the cameras that will hopefully give all of us a smile!

First up...My silly kids!
I'm not sure what sparked this idea, but they were getting ready for a big snowstorm. I had to laugh at Drew's hat choice. You can see Faith Ann in the back lookin' kinda sad. I'm not sure why she wasn't participating in all the fun. But she decided to imitate her siblings the next day, and this is what she came up with for snow attire: Gotta love the princess panties...

Drew is a pretty good artist in my opinion, though I am sure every parent must say that about their kids. He is always asking for paper to draw on. Here is his interpretation of Monster's Incorporated: Ben has been spending much of this week at Mbingo Baptist Hospital with Emmanuel from our church in Bamenda, who is very ill. He learned that he has tuberculosis in his bones. Evidently it is literally deteriorating his bones. He has some fractured bones right now even, and is in constant excruciating pain. He was already a small man, but Ben says that he is literally a skeleton. Today Ben and Matt along with Primus and TomMike went to visit him. Primus couldn't even stay in the room he was so broken. He is barely recognizable - he has wasted away to almost nothing. While they were there, Ben always has opportunities to pass out gospel tracts. He got a picture of one man reading Drew's story...the perfect thing to read at a hospital! Thursday was meat day. I suddenly realized on Wed. that we were out of ground beef. So Ben went first thing in the morning to get some fresh beef. Once he buys the meat, he brings it home and begins the trimming process, which is a LOT of work. But Ben has it down to a science. He didn't have time to finish everything unfortunately, so I had to finish it up and do the grinding:
We interrupt this broadcast for a public service announcement....this is a test....this is a test of the emergency blogger system... Ugh! So, I have this whole post ready except for this last picture and the introduction to our new family member and I suddenly get this blogger message...Error 400. What?? I couldn't do a thing on blogger last night. Couldn't log in, access my dashboard, upload pictures nothing. I shut down my computer and rebooted. I finally gave up and headed to bed, but not before googling that error message. Evidently it is a random message that people get, and they recommended clearing my cache, or switching browsers...etc...Well it was too late. I figured I'd just come back tomorrow - now today - and finish my post. Thankfully no error 400 today. So, here is our new pet. And I need your help. We need a name for this little guy, who is so cute btw. She has taken up residence in our laundry room, complete with litter box and seems quite cozy in there. She loves to whine and meow, but she also loves to cuddle and purr, so I think she is getting comfortable with us.
Ben came home from his visitation on Thursday and said, "I got a surprise...bring a bowl of milk." I knew what that was and squealed. The kids still didn't catch on. So we all rushed to the laundry room, and there was our adorable new kitty! So again, I need names people! :D Respond with some ideas and I'll run them by my kiddos. If we choose the name you responded win..............drumroll please........

nothing, except for the fact that our adorable kitty will bear the name you have chosen! :D
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  1. Oh, the pictures of the kids are adorable. I am hoping that it is cooler there then it is here. I need some cool weather. Gotta love the panties on Drew and Faith's head. Oh, wait a minute, those are undies on Drew's head. Now, as far as the meat goes, I could have done without that picture. And Ben, you didn't have to remind me that I don't know where the meat comes from in America. I really don't want to think about it. So sorry to hear about Emmanuel. It seems that every time we turn around we here about someone else we love struggling with physical difficulties. I will be praying for him. Cute kitty by the way. Hope there is room for us when we come to visit. We are accumulating quite an array of pets. Rex, Penny, and now a kitty.

  2. Just thinking of names...Snowball (since she's mostly white), Cuddles, Pretty Eyes...hope this helps!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about Emmanuel - I'll keep him in my prayers.

    Love the snow clothes - Drew's hat is the best! I wondered why Faith Ann looked so lost and sad in the background - what a cutie! They all are!

    Your kitten is too cute! How about Sweetie? Or Phoebe, Bells, and the ever popular Princess.

  4. great posts - you are doing great - you are now into full swing of homeschool and still get posts done regularly - not every day - but you are doing great! We so enjoy reading your blog!

    Love the new cat - how about Fred :)