Monday, April 30, 2012

Highlights from April

Ben has been busy updating our family website. We purchased some time ago, but because we aren't web designers, we have no idea how to upkeep this site (maybe someone can give us a lesson in the future). Originally my brother did this for us and we appreciate ALL the work that he has done to help us in our ministry. From prayer cards, to our furlough presentations, to our website and beyond, he has been such a help to us! He is on deputation for his own mission field of Venezuela and working very hard to raise the final support his family needs to leave for the field in December of this year. His schedule is too busy and we don't want to pester him with website updates. So, we recently asked him to link our dot com, to our blog. That way people can type in either web address and it will take them to the same spot. Perfect solution! So, this week Ben has been busy updating our ministry blog! You can see my nice blog button off to the right there, with an easy little link! So, please click that adorable blog button and check out our refurbished ministry blog! (after you are done reading my blog post of course! heehee!)

We were blessed this past week with a visit from our field director and his wife, Steve and Martha Anderson. Their visit was much too short! We enjoyed every minute with them, and wish it could have been longer for sure! The fellowship was wonderful and as always we enjoyed some great laughs. They arrived on Saturday and Martha spoke for our ladies meeting. We had a wonderful group of women. I couldn't believe how many came actually. We served a meal, and thank the Lord we had plenty of food. This photo was taken before everyone arrived. You can still see what a good group we had though.
Eunice, Emma, and I are helping here to serve the food to all the ladies. I'm so glad we had enough! We had a big cooler of jellof rice and then some ladies brought fufu and njamajama and fish. I also brought banana bread and muffins. Every last bit of food was eaten!
Sunday was a busy day as usual. Brother Steve preached in both of our churches. I failed to plan out our teachers so I missed out on both his messages as I had to do Children's Church in both Bambili and Bamenda. I heard they were great though.
Martha kept my kids in line :)
Then on Monday they treated us to lunch at "The Fancy Place," as my children affectionately call it. haha! The Andersons got a kick out of the menu - specifically:
Evidently fish don't come out of the oceans here in Cameroon - they are fabricated in our fancy restaurants!

Needless to say we had a great visit with them and were sad to see them go. They headed to Douala for several days to visit missionaries there, and then are heading back in the direction of Kenya where they will continue to serve as furlough replacement missionaries until May.  We will see Bro. Steve again in July, however. He will be coming with that huge group of 20 from First Baptist Church of Land O' Lakes. We are looking forward to that visit for sure!

The next big thing on our calendar is our annual family camp. That is Next Week!! It is always a time of refreshment and fellowship with missionary friends that we have come to love dearly. Our family has been working on special music and skits for the week. The kids are excited to get together with friends. I will have a lot to update after that weeks is over I'm sure!
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  1. Our administrator from the States was just here too! What an amazing time on so many levels. Glad you guys and us could have that blessing! And good job with the blog -- maybe one day, I will get back to that. Maybe.

  2. Love your blog Becca! So glad you had a wonderful time with the Andersons and good meetings. Looks like you have lost some more look good! So good to see pics of the kids.....miss them sooo much too! Hope they have been continuing with their piano lessons. Please give them hugs from us. Love you, praying for you all, Bob and Carolyn